Finding a house in Berlin has become one of the biggest struggles most people has to face when they move in. But for migrant people this can be even more difficult, pulling themselves in a deeper inestability. Finding a house and a place to feel warm and safe is one of the basical human needs, and ‘Where is home’ wants to explore how people found it - or not.
This project wants to go deeper in the ways people from non-EU countries have built their safe space. Home is not just the dwelling place, it’s also the neigborhood, the relationships we develop outside, the habits we adapt, but also the ones we don’t want to leave from our origins.
I would like to share some time and conversations with different people from outside UE who have been at least 1 year in Berlin. Through some interviews and focus groups I’d like to invite you to share some experiences, feelings and stories about this permanent construction of home. 
This research process will be done in collaboration with Hungarian artist Regina Vitanyi. We created this webpage with all the information about how will this work. You can check it or write us back if there’s any question you have.
 My intention with these meetings is to collect some stories and find some home elements in both directions: what did you build here that made you feel home, but also, what is going on around you that doesn’t allow you to feel settled, safe or a not? 
I will transform these elements into illustrations, always respecting the anonymous and privacy of the people interviewed, to build a view of Berlin based in how many ways has people find to live here - even if they could make this city their home or not.
The final exhibition will take place in Urban Nation Museum with the other Fresh AIR residents art projects on March 2022.

 your home in Berlin
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