‘Cosas que aprendí del feminismo’ es una recopilación de cuatro cómics en los que reflejo algunas de las ideas cruciales que ha supuesto el feminismo para mí.
‘Things I learnt from feminism’ is a recopilation of four short comics where I reflect some crucial ideas that feminism shas showed me.
‘Darling, I also used to feel special for getting better with men and having just a few girlfriends.’
‘I even took it as a compliment when they tell me I am not like the other girls’
‘That the worst enemy of a woman is another woman, that we treat each other with rivality, that we fuck each other more, that we are more treacherous and false, that girls are more evil than boys…’
‘My friend, this is the worst lie we’ve been fed of from the patriarchy.’
In a misogynist society, they expect women to hate each other and isolate ourselves. And by hating other women we end up hating ourselves too.’
‘But the truth is that friendship between us makes us healthier and stronger, because we know how to support each other and show our vulnerability. Even men have deeper bonds with women than with other men.’

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