Cosas que aprendí del feminismo’ son un conjunto de reflexiones sobre diferentes ideas que han sido vitales para mí como feminista.
‘Things I learnt from feminism’ is a collection of reflections about different ideas that had been crucial for me as a feminist. 
Being called a ‘bitch’ is still the most common insult for women in our society, and that’s not a coincidence.’
It’s a reminder about how our dignity depends on how we live our sexuality, how we dress, what do we desire, what’s our motivation to decide with who or why do we have sex.’
That’s what happens in a society that values and divides women depending on their sexual behaviour, it’s a way to define us and control us.’
That’s the reason why sexual terror is a discipline mecanism. The fear to get raped acts as a containment, it keeps us locked up and insecure.’
‘ “Don’t go out, don’t risk, be careful, necause if you end up suffering a violation, it will be your fault; and also, you’ll become a spoiled woman forever” ‘
But, guess what? They can’t weaken us with that, because we are much more than just sex, and pur dignity and value are much more than that. Not even that pain is irreparable’

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