[EN] Here is my collaboration for number 8 of the newspaper 'Femiñetas' (gender issues explained with illustration and comics, a super nice project across Spain, Argentina and other latinamerican countries), a whole page with this little comic about taking care and the first sign of civilisation. A free interpretation of this touching quote of the anthropologist Margaret Mead.

[SP] Aquí está mi colaboración para el número 8 del periódio 'Femiñetas' (temas de género explicados desde la ilustración y el cómic, un proyecto súper bonito que cruza España, Argentina y otros países latinoamericanos), una página entera con este pequeño cómic sobre cuidarse y el primer signo de civilización. Una libre interpretación sobre esta emocionante cita de la antropóloga Margaret Mead.
-Once the anthropologist Margaret Mead was asked which was the first sign of civilisation. 
- An amphora? A sharp stone? A weapon?
- A healed femur!
The femur is the largest part of the human body
A broken femur takes 6 weeks to heal
A healed femur shows that somebody took care of the injured
Somebody made his part of hunting and recolection
It shows that they were by her side, the offered her protection and company until it healed. 
Where the law of the strongest prevails
There are no healed femurs
There's still people affirming 'man is a wolf to man'
But we know our packs are sustained by caring
[EN] The whole page format:
[SP] El formato de la página completa:

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